Model and Singer Sofia Hayat has often maintained to hog the limelight with her hot photos in the social media. Last year, she had even posted a near nude photo when Rohit Sharma had hit a double-century in the ODI.She also participated in the BIgg Boss 7 through wild card entry.  But her recent transformation is going to shock you!

Sofia Hayat is now Gaia Mother Sofia!

Yes, call it enlightenment or self-realisation, Sofia has now embraced Buddhist nun life.  She posted on her Instagram: “We are beautiful without makeup…hair colour…fashion… We are perfect as we are. I’m sorry I gave you the impression otherwise. I am changed. I love you all. Gaia Sofia Mother.”

Whatever might be the reason for her transformation, we wish her lots of happiness in her life ahead.

Check out her pics below from her recent Instagram posts –

Morning vibes #buddha #meditation #natural

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Operation went well.. A bit woozy and dizzy.. But good 🙂

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It's all about you. You create this world. In knowing you are a creator. .you can then harness your own mind to what you want in life. See..we have been tricked into thinking we are not so great and powerful..but you are. Children of divine source of me. Your time is finally here. Just release all negative programming. Your electric body has been programmed for so long you think you are less. .but stop "thinking", feel..from your heart. For it is the heart that can release everything and bring you above the programming of the matrix. You all know the programming. It's that negativity that you were not born are love and always were creator gods full of joy, love and compassion. How wonderful are you!!! Welcome yourself back. I love you infinitely..because you never are eternal as is my heart and love for you. Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia

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